Forge Plains

Marina ortega forge plains artofmarinaortega

Final overpaint

Marina ortega magma plains forge scene 174

Raw 3d base render in Keyshot

Marina ortega marina ortega lost fissure forge props 1 week6

More details modelled in 3dCoat

Marina ortega captura

Basic polygon model in Blender

Concept done for my personal project Lost Fissure, also as a final image of the class Variable Concept Art Techniques for Game Environments with Kenneth Fairclough.

Plains at the bottom of the ice fissure, where several forges surround and eat from one of the main magma lakes in the area. Lava and ice are worshipped and respected as the main opposing forces in this planet and the essence of life. While forging is also one of the main and more respected works for the native alien race. So this place always inspires strength to the mind and the body and the feeling of supernatural forces unknown to humans.