Ichthyological Tissue Collector

Marina ortega bwgtm ichthyological tissue collector 2 marinaortegalorente

Captured picture of the ITC and annotation of the exact sighting place.

Marina ortega bwgtm partsichthyological tissue collector 2 marinaortegalorente

Annotation and first thoughts on this ITC.

3D base for the concept, with painted textures directly on the 3d model in 3D Coat. The final look and design was directly concepted in 2d back in Photoshop.

Marina ortega ichthyological tissue collector 3dsketch bwgtm vehicles www artofmarinaortega com marinaortegalorente

Early 3D base wip

Marina ortega submarine bwgtm vehicles sketches www artofmarinaortega com marinaortegalorente

First sketches wip

Vehicle submission for the The Game Challenge 2017 and the project Before We Go To Mars (by Boonar Studio, IFCC and TGW and powered by Sixmorevodka).

The ITC (Ichthyological Tissue Collector) was created by the Creator inspired by the bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus) and the cachalot (Physeter macrocephalus) for the purpose of collecting useful tissue samples from another marine species, mainly fishes, in order to keep improving and widening the range of super tissue available for its creations.