Unborn Addicted Outcast

"These people don't even look at you. Why should you look at them. They pass by you as you don't exist. Why should you care about them.
Look at them, they are all sad, in a rush, they live to work and to pay bills. Do you even want to go back to that? No man, you may think you want to get a life like them but you don't, they are more trapped than you, they don't appreciate their families, their warm homes, they just want more and more, they just all pretend to be happy, and they are blind. Blind as fuck. That's why they don't see their lives, that's why they don't see you. Come here,my friend, sit with me, let me show you how to escape all this."
Appeared in the prologue Unborn comic https://www.artstation.com/artwork/yaWPx