Unborn Broken Dreamer

Marina ortega broken dreamer
Marina ortega img062

Preliminary sketches

"I had a dream, knew since I was a kid who I wanted to be. But usually big dreams walk hand in hand with big risks. Dare to dream, dare to risk, dare to bet in life to be able to win. Be happy they said. What if life bets go wrong? What if you get involved with the wrong people in things that are too vital, too personal?
Would you invest your life relying on others? It can go wrong, you can be betrayed and lose everything. You can end broken like I did, lose your dreams, that many things, that you don't want to live anymore, so decide you not to and end your life. But what could I do? Give up? Live and work like a slave in something I don't care about? Stress and traitors ended it actually, not me. It was their fault.
But after ending your life, the hunger doesn't go away, I promise. You will keep pursuing a dream which you don't remember anymore, while you keep watching, paranoiac, for backstabbers... After what I did, I can see them now, everywhere, and now I'm ready to bet safely."